Fish Girl! 

I bumped into another amazing graphic novel today! You'll recognize the illustrations. David Wiesner has won the Caldecott award three times. The award winning book Tuesday is probably the most recognizable. This is also a fabulous picture book. Anywho- graphic novel! 182 pages 5/5 stars! Mighty Neptune is open for business! He has his own… Continue reading Fish Girl! 

3 stars, 4 stars, Adult Fiction

Guilty Pleasures (Mary)

Sometimes all I really want is to read a good Jane Austen type love story, but I'm just WAY too lazy. It's like my brain really wants rich, heavy, delicious cheesecake, but all it can muster up the energy for is bubble gum flavored cotton candy. So, at least once a year I allow myself… Continue reading Guilty Pleasures (Mary)