About Us

Let us tell you a little bit about ourselves.

The addict

Jessica (the book addict), is a full time mom of 4, a part time tutor and babysitter, and a vacuuming enthusiast. When she isn’t wrangling kids you will find her either with her nose in a book or hanging out with one of her besties talking about books.




The supplier

Mary (the supplier), is a mom of 3, a part time librarian, and an avid puzzler. She likes to do yard work in her pajamas. She also likes that she can call reading “work research”.  The only thing she likes better than reading is helping other people find something good to read.



We created this blog to tell you about all the awesome books we have read!

We love feedback. If you have any questions, reading suggestions, discussion ideas, or any other comments, please leave us a note!

Happy Reading!