Become Gruesomely Educated!

9111463How They Croaked: The Awful Ends of the Awfully Famous by Georgia Bragg

Intermediate Non-Fiction

5/5 stars from Mary! This book is way cool!

“There are funny crying parts and disgusting stupid parts and hideous cool parts, but it’s pretty much one train wreck after another. And who can tear their eyes away from a train wreck?” -From the Intro

Did you know that King Tutt died from Malaria? And did you know that Edgar Allen Poe more than likely died from rabies? Who does that? Isn’t that cool?

How They Croaked is a quick read that tells the little-known facts about how famous people died in all its gory, gruesome, detailed glory. I imagine it is probably a hit among the middle-school boys. Bragg also covers interesting facts about these famous people’s lives. For example, did you know that Charles Dick had so many strokes that he was barely able to move half of his body for several years?

Bragg is a really talented author. She certainly knows how to write for her audience. She is very blunt and detailed about the gory details but also writes with such humor, you laugh your way through.


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