From this Moment: A Book Review by Mary

from this momentFrom This Moment by Elizabeth Camden

My rating:(3.75/5)

Romulus White, a declared bachelor,  is a publisher of a scientific magazine. He knows the thing that will take his magazine to the next level is the beautiful lithograph artwork of Stella West.

However, Stella West has put her artistic career on hold while she investigates the suspicious death of her sister.

Luckily, Romulus is the one man who is willing and able to help Stella in her dangerous journey.

And…sparks fly. (Of course)

Elizabeth Camden is kind of hit and miss. This was a hit. And BONUS Debbie- there was nothing about opium in this book!

The thing I love about Elizabeth Camden’s books is that they have a little more substance than your guilty pleasure fluff. They are historically based, and she likes to incorporate obscure pieces of history that she has researched really well.  I learned a little bit about lithographs, type font, and the building of the Boston Subway.

I also love how her characters are unique. They have quirks and are passionate about interesting things. They also have blaring flaws, which makes the love stories that much better.

I would recommend this to anyone who likes a good historical romance!





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