Lily’s Favorite Emotion Books


Emotional Regulation is something REALLY hard to teach to a child who likes to think of herself as an adult. We’ve found a system that is working for us though. From time to time I will bring home a book from the library, or snag a book from a book sale. Then I’ll just leave it out in a place where Lily can discover it herself.

These are 3 of the books that she has REALLY loved (which means that I love them too!)

sitting still


This book introduces kids to “Mindfulness”, a VERY useful technique for children and adults to help reduce stress and anxiety.

It comes with a CD that Lily listened to almost every night for a month.




oh brother


Two days ago Lily said “Mom, I learned that when Bea (2) does something that isn’t really that cool, you should clap anyways, because it makes her feel good!”

This book wins. She has brought up a bunch of stuff that I know I have said at least 30 times, but reading it in a book has made it finally sink in. I love it!





I brought this little beauty home from the library the other day. It is geared toward the older tween audience. 8-12 year olds. It is packed with AWESOME information. It has quizzes to help kids

understand themselves better, and suggestions about how to handle difficult things that can come up at school.

I want to own a copy of this book.


Do you have any books about emotions or mindfulness that you have found helpful? Let me know! I would love to build up a library of these!



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  1. Debbi says:

    I have some about positive attitude, The Energy Bus is one we have that I like, but now I want these!


    1. I am putting that on my list of books to read! Thanks!


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