Back to the books!

Hey guys. Long time no read huh? This is Mary. You may remember me from those blog posts many many months ago. Good times.

Summer is over and school is back in full swing. This means that I actually have time to read again! Wahoo!

I have a 1 year old at home still, so 90% of the books I read involve random shapes in a variety of colors, along with a fair amount of interesting textures. They are gripping…..

Anywhoo…I was able to squeeze in a book here an there throughout the summer.  The most exciting thing that happened this summer was that I discovered a new CLEAN TEENAGE ROMANCE author! I hate teenage romance. There is usually so much drama and the characters are usually so whiny, I find myself hoping that they end up alone and miserable for the rest of their pathetic lives.

BUT- I gave The Distance Between Us by Kasie West a try because I was desperate for something to listen to and it was available on overderive- and I was pleasantly surprised!

More like SHOCKINGLY surprised!


Two things: First of all, this book doesn’t have a boy from Mars in it. This is distance between them- not space. I mean, if we were going by the cover picture, the answer to this title would be “the thickness of a Book of Mormon”- which is a rule the characters in The Space Between Us really could have used.

Number two: I keep looking at his legs and thinking his left pant leg got ripped- and he is wearing one crazy pair of shoes. (It’s her foot and  high heel.) And now you can’t look at it normal- and it’s hilarious right?

And now you are ready for the– dun dun dun dun!

BASIC SUM UP: Caymen Meyers and her mom own and live in a porcelain doll store. Caymen personally thinks the dolls are a little creepy, and the people who buy them eccentric and too wealthy for their own good; but it is her mom’s dream, and she does all she can to help them scrape by.  If there is one thing she can’t stand, it’s rich people.

But, of course, her world is all shaken up when one of those annoying rich people come in to pick up an order for their grandma. A devastatingly attractive (of course) teenage boy named Xander Spence.

And delightful romance ensues.

The story itself isn’t original. I mean- it’s totally a contemporary Cinderella retelling. But, Kasie West writes very entertaining characters, which makes the story feel original enough that you don’t even care that it’s predictable!

Read it now! And tell your daughters to also! Because when something decent and wholesome comes into the world, you gotta  raise your hands in the air and your face to the rain and dramatically shout it out with inspirational music playing in the background  “MORALS STILL EXIST!”

smiley rain

Like this.

And that is all I have to say about that.



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