Fish Girl! 

I bumped into another amazing graphic novel today!

You’ll recognize the illustrations.

David Wiesner has won the Caldecott award three times. The award winning book Tuesday is probably the most recognizable.

This is also a fabulous picture book.

Anywho- graphic novel!

182 pages

5/5 stars!

Mighty Neptune is open for business! He has his own aquarium, featuring his very own Fish Girl! The last of her kind!
He rescued her from sharks when she was a baby.

At least, that’s what she has been told her entire life.

Her job is to swim and hide among her aquatic friends. People pay to catch a glimpse at the fish girl if they can. At night she collects the coins at the bottom of the aquarium and gives them to Neptune. And then she is free- just as long as she stays away from the windows.

But one day, fish girl is accidentally seen! 

And she accidentally makes a friend.

And for the first time, she starts to question her lonely life.

And then she starts to dream of a new life.

This picture just makes my soul sing! I want this on my wall in my bathroom.

Come to think of it- dude! Inspiration! I seriously think I want to do my kid’s bathroom in David Weisner ocean scenes.

He also wrote and illustrated the book Flotsum.

Nobody does the ocean like Weisner does. I personally think the ocean is terrifying, but he manages to make it seem whimsical and safe.

Anyway, back to fish girl. This book is so fabulous for middle grade kids! Fish Girl probably originated from the little mermaid story. Except no deals with demons. And no sea-shells. She figures it all out before puberty luckily.

This book is about recognizing your own potential, believing in yourself when others would rather stifle your spirit, and challenging how others see you.

I couldn’t help but feel like this book could really reach children who are being abused, physically or emotionally- in a way no other book could.

I almost cried. It was just so simple, and yet so moving.

I’m so glad I bumped into it! I hope this book wins awards. I will be nominating it for the Beehive Book Awards committee to consider for next year’s Graphic Novel nominees list.

I’ll be passing this book on to my 7 year old daughter tomorrow, and will absolutely be recommending this next time someone asks for a graphic novel.


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