How many typos is too many? (Mary)

Have you ever gotten really caught up on a book, you’re really just loving it, and then WHAM- there is a major typo. I admit, I usually think a typo is kind of funny. It even makes me feel a little smart, knowing I caught something the editor missed. 

But that second typo. Not funny anymore. Suddenly the pages of the book seem flimsier. The cover art not nearly as appealing. You check the author’s credentials and the publishing company. You check the price of the book, even though you got this from the library.

You thought this was a real book. The packaging would like to make you believe it is a real book. But, a typo? For reals? 

I am reading a pretty fun book called Railhead by Philip Reece. He’s supposedly a Sci-fi genius. 

The sum up of Railhead is this. Earth has been abandoned because of – end of the world crap- you know how it goes. 
Now the human race lives on a bunch of different planets throughout space. The planets are  millions of miles apart, but humans have been able to set up portals that can run a train that jumps through time and space.

Our main man is Zen, a dodgy teenager that has a knack for stealing things. He’s been hired to rob the emperor’s train. 

I want to enjoy this book. BUT, I am about a third the way through and I have bumped into FOUR typos. 

My annoyance probably seems silly for those of you that like to read fan-fiction, or indi-fiction. Heck, there are probably at least four typos in this post alone.

But, this person had an editor. How did these slide through?

“He thought it might me worry me, did he?”

You should read that out loud. It’s actually pretty fun.

Anyway, if this weren’t a Beehive Nominee, I would be putting this book down. But, it would only be because of the typos. 

How many typos can you handle before you think about putting the book down for good?     


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