Free Fraturday

Hey everyone! We shook it up this month. A local company was starting a book exchange in their workplace, and being the awesome community aware bloggers that we are, we decided to donate our free Friday book (plus a couple others) to the cause.

   Or in other words, my husband’s boss said “Hey! How can we make this job more awesome?” And a team of people said “let’s have a take a book, leave a book station.” And that was when my husband said “Hey! I happen to have a wife who has a book buying addiction. Let me see if she would like to donate some!” And boy did I ever! I filled up a giant bag.

Some of the books we donated were

Some Louis L’mour book

A Norah Roberts book

And a handful of other random books I bought from the library’s used book sale. 

So- congratulations Solutionaries! You won the free Friday give away from a blog you have never heard of and will probably never read.

You’re welcome.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mons says:

    I think that was do awesome. I am sure they loved the books!


  2. Aaron Ludwig says:

    Super awesome!!! So generous of you


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