Guilty Pleasures (Mary)

Sometimes all I really want is to read a good Jane Austen type love story, but I’m just WAY too lazy. It’s like my brain really wants rich, heavy, delicious cheesecake, but all it can muster up the energy for is bubble gum flavored cotton candy.

So, at least once a year I allow myself to just overindulge in FLUFFY cotton candy books. These are the Hallmark specials of historical romance. And they are delightful.


Here are just a few fluffy books that I have read recently.

Katie Macauley is an Irish immigrant who has taken up a position in Wyoming as a housekeeper. When she arrives though, handsome and brooding widower Joseph Archer is hesitant to follow through with his job offer. There is high tension in his town between the Americans and the ever growing population of Irish. Somehow Katie is able to talk Joseph Archer into hiring her. She becomes the housekeeper and nanny to Joseph Archer’s young daughter. We all see where this is going right? That’s the best part about fluffy historical romances. You know what is going to happen from page one. And it never disappoints.  4/5 stars.

Julie Klasssen. Write this down. She is who you want to go to if you have already read all the Sarah M. Eden, Karla Kelly, Julianne Donaldson, and Rachel Ann Nunes. I’ve only read two of them, but they were satisfactorily sugary.

Apothecary’s daugher: 4/5 stars.

Dang. I read this one about a year ago, and I have a horrible memory. All I remember is that I LOVED it. haha. According to Goodreads, Lilly Haswell works in her father’s apothecary shop. (I did remember that.) Apparently there is some mystery surrounding her mother’s disappearance. Also, she dreams of leaving the apothecary to travel and see more of the world.

But, the important part is that she meets a boy and they fall in love.

Oh wait! I just remembered the twist. This one is a little bit less predictable than a Sarah Eden. I think that’s why I liked it a little better.

The Painter’s Daughter 3/5

Sophie Dupont assists her father, who is a painter. They live in a small village somewhere super gorgeous in England. A super handsome, talented, fun, and impulsive artist comes to study painting- and she finds herself head over heels. However, her world is turned upside down when Wesley Overtree unexpectedly leaves town, leaving her pregnant and alone.

Wesley’s older brother arrives to clean up his younger brother’s messes (paying off debts, packing up his belongings that were left behind). When he discovers that his brother has impregnated a young girl, he does the honorable thing and proposes marriage. Having no other option, Sophie accepts his offer to save herself from a terrible fate.

And- well, then she is miserable for the rest of her life because she can never love again.

Just kidding! Of course that is not what happens!

I’ll give you a clue. She falls in love. And it’s not with the father of her child…..

You’re super curious now huh?! (wink)

Anywhoo- do you have guilty reads? Tell me!



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