A funny thing happened- Mary

Sometimes my son asks me to just sit in the hall outside his bedroom and read out loud while he tries to fall asleep.

He doesn’t care what I’m reading. He just says to read whatever I am already reading, out loud.

I kid you not, this was the EXACT paragraph I was on when he made his request.

From “Bubonic Panic: When plague invaded America” by Gail Jarris
Ok. So- I mean, it should have been obvious by the title that this  wasn’t going to be a great fit for my anxiety prone six year old; but I had given him fair warning that this book was going to be about a disease that was on the earth a LONG time ago. (Spoiler: it still exists- and it wasn’t THAT long ago that it came to America.) It took me about ten words into that paragraph before I realized “this boy is going to have nightmares forever!”

(Side note: this is actually a superb book. Five stars!!! It’s written for pre-teen readers and has about a billion pictures, so even non-fiction allergic me was able to seriously enjoy it!)

Anyway, being the great mom I am, I set my book of plague and indescribable horrors aside and busted out my other book. I was only 6 pages in. I’m thinking, this will just be story set up right? How bad could it be? He wasn’t going to understand most of the words I would be reading anyway. I opened that book to the paragraph I was on and was able to get about two sentences in this time.

Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo


Side note 2: This is the sequel to Six of Crows; which is the sequel series to The Grisha series. It’s all a little confusing. But, I am in the middle of both of the series now and I’m loving them despite the fact that the following is the picture Miss Bardugo decided to go along with her author bio. (Which is also hilariously pretentious.)


“I am so super mysterious. You probably think I only have half a face. You’ll always be wondering and I’ll never tell. Grisha Power!”
In order to read that caption correctly, you will have to listen to Steven Colbert’s impression of Donald Trump- because that is how it should sound in your head…

ANYWHO!!- moving on. I ended up reading Flat Stanley to my six year old last night. I even found myself reassuring him that he would not actually be smooshed flat if a bulletin board were to fall on him in his sleep. He gave me a silly look and said “Of course it wouldn’t mom.”  Right. Of course it wouldn’t.

There’s a life lesson in here somewhere. I just can’t put my finger on it. Speaking of fingers- if yours looks like this one- you should probably go see a doctor.

It’s bubonic plague and you’re gonna die.


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