Becoming more than the sum of your parts

Hello one and all!  I have had one of those weeks again.  Between sick kids, sick me, and crazy spouse work schedules I have only had head space to read.  That’s ok right?  I mean what I read provides the content for this blog and I am almost finished with a series reread that will provide multiple posts. (*cough Red Rising *cough) It’s no secret that reading keeps me sane.  I read many many books and while I have a type, mostly sci-fi, fantasy, YA within that genre there are some surprises.  One such surprise is The Diabolic by S.J. Kincaid.


This book was on my radar ever since I saw its gorgeous cover at my local library.  We flirted for a couple of weeks, me too wrapped up in my other reads and she just sitting on the shelf waiting for me to choose her.  I am so glad I did.  This book was very good.  Dare I say 4.5 stars? Definitely worth the read.

The Diabolic occurs in the far future where a supernova has destroyed Earth.  Humans have long since spread out among the cosmos.  What cropped up since the catastrophe is a regressive religion that allows the people to take advantage of technology but does not allow further advancement.  Some of the ruling families disagree and support further scientific research and study but run afoul of the Emperor.  Our main character Nemesis is a diabolic.  A diabolic is a genetically modified creature that has one purpose, to guard one person with whom she is bonded.  She is ruthless in her purpose and only feels emotions connected to Sidonia.  When Sidonia is requested in the Emperor’s court, Nemesis must pretend to be what she is not, human. She must do this to protect the only one she loves.

This was a fantastic book.  Nemesis really grows from a very violent and one dimensional being into one that recognizes her own worth despite being a “creature.”  She overcomes the knowledge that feelings and emotions are more than ‘engineered’ in her and that she can feel and this on her own. There are a few characters that help her to become more than a bodyguard.  She becomes a friend, a personal enemy, a pet owner, and a paramour.  I won’t give too much away, but Nemesis’s discovery of her own self worth and her humanity was a fantastic journey.  Also, she kicks butt and that’s great too.

My one complaint is that I feel so sad for her.  She does not have an easy life and this doesn’t change when she assumes Sidonia’s identity.  In fact, I feel like almost too much is taken from her and while I can see the reason for it plot-device wise my heart goes out to this girl.  Also, there’s a pretty standard line that hardly ever gets crossed and this one does and boy is it sad.

I read on goodreads that this is supposed to be a trilogy but this is one of the few books that I say don’t worry about reading now.  The ending is quite satisfying and while you will want to read the next book, it isn’t a cliffhanger. So, run out and get it and let’s fangirl out over it (or fan person out. I’m not gender exclusive.)

My standard caveats.  15+.  Contains violence, blood, and gore.  Also possible triggers in a near (but not) rape scene, death, and depression.

Also, we here at our humble little blog hope that you have a fantastic Easter weekend full of reflection, family and friends.  We are truly grateful for all of you who support us in our endeavors.





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