I am a murderer!

Today I walked home from work. There is a grocery store parking lot I sometimes cut through to get to my house. Sometimes I accidentally end up in the grocery. And sometimes I accidentally spend money for no reason. 😬

Well, today that $1.99 was well spent!! I saw this funky looking gardening tool and thought to myself “Self, that looks like some serious fun.”

I literally walked in the door, changed into my pajamas (it’s how my best gardening is done), and attacked!!!!

Those dandalions didn’t have a chance! It was the most satisfying thing I have I done in – well- days. I mowed my lawn on Saturday. I always get pretty excited about that.

Anyways, as I was yanking the harmless flowers from their life source, I was inspired to share one of the truly great books in my life.

It’s seperated into different gardening sections (lawn, bushes, trees, flowers, vegetables, etc.) Then it tells you what you need to do for those things every month of the year! It talks about planning, planting, pruning, fertilizing, mowing, watering, and addresses different problems you might run into. 

And it had places for you to take notes. So, when the snow stars to melt, I pull out my little garden book and I start making plans. 

And I weed and feed and spray dandelion spray just like it tells me to- and somehow I still have these stinking things taking over my lawn! Gah!

But! My grass is green and my bare spots are growing new grass, and my early spring bulbs are in bloom!

Ahh! I love spring!!

Do you have any good gardening books that you like to use? Do you ever garden in your pajamas? Well, you should.


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  1. Mona Lloyd says:

    My mom has had a tool like that for years and she loves it. Have fun. If you get tired of digging weeds at your house, our yard could use your handy work.

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  2. Oh man. If I had a car and no kids I would seriously take you up on that. I love it so so much.


  3. Kate says:

    I NEED this book! I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to gardening and lawn care and I really should get it figured out since I live on half an acre. We’ve been slowly figuring things out through trial and error over the last 4 summers but if this book could help eliminate the errors it’s definitely something I’d like to have.


  4. What did those poor little dandies ever do to you *cries* they never stood a chance 😦 …. Also, that is a really cool book to have maybe it would turn my unintended plant killer tendencies into a green thumb .


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