TBT and Book Recommendations

I am alive.  Honestly I had fallen in a book reread cycle and that and life with four kids all with their crazy schedules and weak tooth enamel has done me in.


A few weeks ago a friend (Taylor Barney!) asked if Clockwork Angel was a good book.  I couldn’t text her back fast enough an ascent! She awoke the desired to be in that world again so long story short…I reread all three and enjoyed every minute of it. A short summary.  The Clockwork series is by Cassandra Clare of The Mortal Instruments Fame.  It is a prequel based in Victorian England on a recent expat Tessa Grey.  She arrives in England to reunite with her brother but is waylaid and discovers that she is much more than she believed.  She is entered into the world of Shadowhunters and clockwork creatures.

I adore this series.  It’s probably in my top five series of all time favorites and a go-to recommendation for anyone who is interested in reading, ok mostly ladies but still a great YA paranormal romance.  I have reread this series at least 5 times.  This time, I chose to listen to them.  Listening to a book allows me to theoretically clean my home whilst I listen.  TBH I mostly play free games on my kindle but the desire is there.


Why have I read this story so many times?  It’s because each time I learn something new.  I read quite fast, like super fast.  I think it’s my low-key super power but sometimes I don’t register all the emotions and subtlety of a story.  For example, in this book there is a love triangle. ( I know I know I usually HATE these but this one is unique) and during the first reread you feel like she LOVES one of the boys, the brash big personality one.  However, in a reread you can see the calm quiet romance of the other boy; a wonderful “other” choice.  Also, I feel like in the reread there’s less rush to know what happens next so you can contemplate the gray ares of wrong and right in certain actions of ALL the characters.  (Saying that, I’d have to reread HP 10000000000 times to feel like Snape is a good guy #teambadguySnape #hedidgoodforallthewrongreasons #bully)


In this reread I was again taken with the beauty of an open heart and the love that can exist between friends who are family.  The action is breath taking and there are some amazing twists. I can’t recommend this series enough.  5 Stars



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