Beehives and Hyrule!

Yo everyone! It’s Mary.

Today I went to work and saw an ENTIRE SHELF filled up with all the new Beehive Book Nominees for 2017-18! I seriously got SO EXCITED that I almost hyperventilated. I grabbed like 6 of them off the shelves and hugged them to me and lugged them around with me from station to station my entire shift.  After a few hours of carrying them I realized there was no chance I was going to be able to read them all. So, I narrowed it down to 5.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Beehive Book Award, here’s just a quick sum up.

The Beehive Book Award is awarded by the Children’s Literature Association of Utah (CLAU). Basically it’s just a group of volunteers who decide on what recent books (published within the previous 3 years) will be considered for the award. You can nominate books on their website. The nominations are posted in April and voting happens in March of the following year.

There are six different categories. Picture Books, Children’s Books (Intermediate aged), Graphic Novels (this is new!), Informational, Poetry, and Young Adult Fiction.

I wanted to post a poster of the nominations, but my computer is being frustrating and temperamental, so here is a link to a list.

Beehive Book Nominees for 2018

I was super excited to see that I had already read a few of them!


The list actually includes these books that we have already reviewed!

It also has a few books that I have written up drafts for reviewing, but I just hadn’t yet.

And there is a bundle in there that I haven’t ever heard of, but I am SUPER excited to read.

I’m excited to go through my PopSugar Reading Challenge and see if I can swap out some of the books I was thinking of reading with some of these new nominees!

As for what I have been reading recently: I have been reading some really fascinating fiction written by Shigeru Miyimoto. It has gotten me totally wrapped up. It is so engrossing that I  haven’t really had the time or desire to read anything else recently.

Let me just give you a quick preview.


Ok. You caught me. It’s a video game. But there is some reading involved.

See! Look at all those fancy words!

But, I am going to try to curb my addiction. I am  like the fourth the way through Summerlost by Ally Condie. Then onto Six of Crows. (I think Jessica is going to be excited about this.)

I’ll get back to you on Summerlost as soon as I finish.

AND- don’t forget! Tomorrow we’ll announce the winner of Hidden Figures!

Until tomorrow!

Over and out.


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