The Argument for Rereading (Jessica)

Mary and I only have one great book disagreement.  To reread or not to reread.  I adore re-reading a book.  In fact, my personal rating system is based purely on if a book can be reread and enjoyed.  3 stars good book but won’t reread.  4 stars great book, will reread but I’m currently finished with that world.  Finally, 5 stars, wonderful amazing book that I am shutting the book and immediately rereading now!  For me a good book is like chocolate.  It’s something to be savored again and again especially if you have had a rough time.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes about rereading.  I’m off to finish rereading Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare.  (Fantastic compelling read even for the 3rd or 4th time)

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  1. Jim Foster says:

    I seldom re-read, just because there are too many books I have never read for the first time, and so little time to get through the list — I’m nearly 65, and my current To Be Read list, with no further additions, would take me at least thirty more years. When I do re-read, it’s usually after such a long time (at least ten years is my rule, unless I have a special reason like a group discussion or it’s part of a reading project) that it’s almost like reading a new book, and often my opinions have changed from what I remember thinking about it the first time through. (Unfortunately, I have only been reviewing my books for nine years, so only one book so far has had two reviews to compare.) But there are many I would like to re-read, if only there was more time.

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