Ghosts and other creeping things!

We’re still here! I can’t believe it has been a full week since we have posted. On Monday I wrote up this fabulous blog post about all of my favorite creepy reads. It seriously took me about three hours. But, my internet was on the fritz. I went to publish my post and only about 1/4 of it posted! When I went back to see what happened the REST of it had been deleted!  I cried. For reals.

The rest of the week has been a bit crazy. Our washing machine broke and flooded our laundry room, I filled in at work for someone, spent a bunch of time getting my yard ready for spring, and then my 1 year old got sick. She is like me and is super cranky when she is sick. We haven’t had a lot of sleep around here. And then the kicker- today I woke up with a low grade fever and some swollen tonsils. So, I have officially thrown my “to do” list out the window and I am spending the day in bed. I think I am ready to try my post again.

I also came up with this good idea called a “BOOK DROP” This is how it works. Instead of writing a lot about one book, I am going to write a little about a couple books. Today’s book drop theme is “Ghosts and Other Creeping Things”. The name of the game is short and sweet here.

I don’t usually read creepy books, but I was just going through my goodreads list the other day and I was shocked to see that I have read 6 books about ghosts or monsters in the past 4 months!  I’ll just review 4. There’s a little something for everyone here.

ghostsGhosts by Raina Telgemeir

Intermediate Graphic Novel

September 2016

256 pages

4/5 stars

Catrina “Cat” and her family have moved to a city closer to the ocean for her little sister’s health. Her younger sister has Cystic Fibrosis, a terminal illness that effects the lungs.

Cat is struggling with the move, especially because everyone  in her new town seems to be obsessed with ghosts. They are preparing for an upcoming celebration of the Day of the Dead, where they claim real ghosts come back to celebrate with them.

That’s the short blurb.

And now my thoughts: Raina Telgemeier has done it again! I am SO impressed with all of her graphic novels. She captures the frustrations and the life lessons that pre-teens have to go through so perfectly. This book is more than just a story about a town haunted by ghosts. This book is about Cat coming to terms with her younger sister’s illness. It carries the punch of a Jerry Spinelli novel, but has the added bonus of just SUPER appealing art.


The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

Intermediate Fiction

September 2008

312 pages

4/5 stars

After narrowly escaping death, a toddler finds himself the adopted son of a graveyard full of ghosts and other supernatural beings. Nobody, or “Bod” as they call him, is raised in the graveyard, protected from the man who murdered his family.

My thoughts: Neil Gaiman is an enigma. I really didn’t like him at all after having to have read Coraline in college. I was honestly shocked when people kept telling me I just HAD to read The Graveyard Book. Don’t let the cover scare you away though! This book was SO CHARMING! Honestly, reading it invoked some of the same feelings I had while reading Harry Potter. It has magic and mystery and very real danger. But, it is told from the light hearted perspective of a child. This is one that would be fun to read or listen to as a family!


Foundling by DM Cornish

(I guess they at one point changed the name of this series to Foundling’s Tale. Monster Blood tattoo sounds way cooler though.)

Young Adult Fiction

May 2006

448 pages

4.75/5 stars (cause 4 stars just isn’t enough and 5 is just barely too many)

Rossamund is an orphan boy who has been selected to train to become a Lamplighter. Not having much choice in the matter, any real ideas of what the job of a lamplighter entails, or any real experiences outside of his orphanage,  he leaves to begin his apprenticeship. But, a lot can go wrong in a world where dangerous and deadly monsters roam the earth.

This book has been described as a mixture of Bio-Fantasy (as in Biology) and Dungeon Fantasy. Just for the record, these were genres I had never heard of. Basically, humankind has find ways to alter their bodies to help them become better fighters. This includes surgical procedures, chemical treatments, and other fantastical sciency…things. Their boats are powered by giant muscles that they have grown. But, it also has a steam punk kind of feel because they use horse drawn carriages and wear colonial type clothes.

My thoughts: Dude. This book came into my life right when I needed it. I have been reading a lot of new genres and titles for my reading challenge, and I found myself right in the middle of a major reading identity crisis. I mentioned this to a coworker and he sent me right to the shelf to pick this book up. It’s got detailed maps and it’s own language and culture. It’s totally engrossing, and so bizarre and somehow yet so able to relate to, that I couldn’t help but just read on. I’ve got book two sitting on my night stand right now. I am super excited! And- added bonus- it ends up counting as part of my reading challenge anyways. A genre I have never heard about. Check!

And last- and honestly- least-

inkandboneInk and Bone by Lisa Unger

Adult Fiction

June 2016

352 pages

3/5 stars

Finley Montgomery is a 20 year old girl who has inherited some supernatural abilities. She’s not all that thrilled about it though. She has decided to move in with her grandmother, who is attempting to help Finley use her gift to help.

Things start to fall into place for Finley when she is hired on by a desperate mother, who is willing to try anything after the ten-month-search for her kidnapped daughter has been called off.

My thoughts: I read this for a book club. This is not really my flavor. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Finley. I am not one for angsty teenagery type of characters though. They are too true to life. This book kept me interested enough to keep me reading though. I think I would have preferred it as a 45 minute tv episode rather than a 4-6 hour book. But, I can see why people enjoy it. It was quite suspenseful. It had a GREAT ending. If you like a good mystery mixed in with a little of the supernatural- you should give it a try.

As far as content- there are a couple of bedroom scenes. Finley has a horny boyfriend. I wanted to smack them both. This book will probably become a movie eventually because angsty teen+ horny boyfriend + supernatural crime solving = hollywood hit. There may have also been a bit of language. I read it in November, so it’s hard to remember. I’m guessing there was an f word or two. I could be wrong though.

Do you have any ghost or creeping thing books you would recommend? I’m in the mood for some more!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Aaron Ludwig says:

    I wanna read that Gaiman book now! If YOU liked it, it’s gotta be good.


  2. Mona Lloyd says:

    I loved The Graveyard Book and Ink and Bone. I have been wanting to read Monster Blood Tattoo. Love your reviews!


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