The Chemist (Jessica)

Brace yourselves my lovelies, I am about to do a less than 4 star review.  I love books, I LOVE books, all kinds of books.  I have very very few types of books that I don’t or can’t read, if the writing is good.  I also have a soft spot for Stephenie Meyer, love Twilight or hate it, it revolutionized YA writing.  Mrs. Meyers can write!  Remember being swept away in Twilight and Breaking Dawn?  Remember feeling something for the Earth invaders in The Host.  This woman can write and can make you feel. Just not in this book.  Man it’s almost there, I mean so so close but just never crosses over into compelling writing for me

giphy (1).gif

I liked the premise, I like the stand alone style.  I just couldn’t connect to her main character.  She wasn’t a stand-in like Bella, she was just blank.  After reading about her life, I was left with the question of “why bother?”  She just wasn’t 3 dimensional.  When the love interest entered, I almost applauded but he wasn’t really fleshed out any more than to be the bumbling handsome perfect male to her emotionless cardboard persona.  I truly feel like Stephenie must’ve been binge watching some Criminal Minds, 24, etc. on Netflix and birthed this story.


Now, this book isn’t all bad.  There’s some really sweet moments, and some pretty neat dogs.  I liked the main character’s emotional “awakening” but overall I just didn’t feel it for this book.  I give it 3 stars, 2.5 until the ending.  Ok, but not good. 14+, violence, fade-to-black romance, very little language.



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