#TBT on a Friday Black Beauty (Jessica)

Guys, I’m really bad at deadlines.  It seems when I have a deadline that I get stubborn and then procrastinate.  I hope I’m not alone.  I am glad that I procrastinated this time because this TBT post was inspired by my 7 year old.  My daughter L is just starting her own personal reading journey and watching her blossom into a reader has been one of the great joys of motherhood.  I cannot wait to share reading adventures with her and my other children.


L is in the best stage right now; the horse stage.  Ladies, (guys feel free to let your attention wander a bit) do you remember when you were a little girl and loved horses?  L has been around real horses just a handful of times and has never ridden one but she LOVES them. She’s been checking out age appropriate short horse stories and wants to take riding lessons.  Watching her fall in love with these literary tales reminds me of when I read Black Beauty.


1st edition cover from 1877

Black Beauty is told from the point of view from the horse.  He is a gentle, loving, and intelligent animal who we get to see grow up and old.  I know that many of you have probably read this but can you remember how sweet and innocent as well and sacrificing this horse was?  This book covers a lot of sensitive subjects in the best way for tender readers.  It covers how you will be judged for your looks, how people may treat you differently if you are suddenly no of use to them, that there are good people who love you and others who see you as a commodity, and animal cruelty and kindness.

I love the little me who loved this book and I cannot wait until I can share this one with my children. Leave a comment what you remember about this story and if you happen to know where I can arrange a horse ride in Utah county. 5 stars


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  1. Tayva says:

    Somehow, even as a horse-crazy young girl, I managed to miss reading Black Beauty! I read everything from the Saddle Club to Misty of Chinconteague, but I missed this one classic. Maybe I’ll have to read it now, for old time’s sake.


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