Digging to America by Anne Tyler (Mary)


February’s Free Friday winner recommended I read Digging to America by Anne Tyler       and boy oh boy, I am glad that she did!

This book follows two families who happen to meet at an airport.  They were both there awaiting the arrival of their newly adopted Korean born daughters. A friendship is born when they discover they are both there for the same reason.

However, these two families couldn’t be more different.

One family is your typical white, loud, sometimes very obnoxious, American family. (Bitsy reminded me of my mom! It was almost uncanny.) The other is an Iranian couple; the husband born in the US and the wife an immigrant.

The book covers about 7 years, and is told through the eyes of seven or so different characters from each of the families.  It is such a fascinating blend of culture, language, ages, parenting styles, personality types, family relationships, and lifestyle choices. (That sounds like I am trying to say there is a gay character. There isn’t- that I am aware of…)

 Despite all the differences, somehow it feels natural that these two families become the best of friends.

This book is sweet, inspiring, and downright hilarious! Also, just a tad romantic. I won’t spoil it, but I used to think it was gross when old people fell in love. I must be getting older because it didn’t make me want to gag.

I had never heard of Anne Tyler until this book. At least I didn’t realize I had. I looked through more of her titles and found that I already had two or three of them on my “to read” list on Goodreads. I think I am going to try A Spool of Blue Thread next.

A five star book FOR SURE!


See, those are stars. And there are five of them. (We need to come up with a cuter graphic for our rating system methinks.)

Happy Reading!


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Aaron Ludwig says:

    So fun that you got a great recommendation from the giveaway!


    1. You’re so fun. 😘 I’d like to get you at a giveaway someday.


  2. Paula says:

    Great review. I’m so glad it won me a book. Thank you.


    1. We’ll be doing another give away next week. I think we still only have like 15 people that even read this blog- so get ready for more free books! Haha.


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