A Court of Thorn and Roses/ A Court of Mist and Fury (Jessica)

Have you ever read a book series so compelling that even after reading it, say twice or maybe even three times it gives you a book hangover?  That is this series for me.  To be honest, everything that this author, Sarah Maas, writes makes me binge read late into the night, read until all my devices are dead, and even dodge all my responsibilities.  Ms. Maas knows how to write women.  She knows how to write damaged characters. And perhaps best of all, she knows how to write consequences.  There’s too many times that an author will have their protagonist go through the toughest situations imaginable with no consequences.  Not in these stories, horrible things happen but there are equal reactions from the main characters.  I haven’t found an author or than the great Suzanne Collins who can write depression so well.


These stories feature Feyre (Fay-ra) a young woman who has to hunt and sacrifice so that her family can survive.  While she is hunting, she shoots and kills an unusual wolf close to the fairy border.  This event cascades to Feyre being transported into the fairy world where nothing is as it should be.  Ok, I’ll be honest the first book is a little slow, exceedingly slow.  However, once the text hits 60% you cannot put it down.  Feyre steps up and the antagonist shows up.  After this point, the series (which will conclude in May 2017) is like a train running off the tracks in the best way possible.


There are some great romantic moments, great friendship moments, and great girl-power moments.  I can’t say enough good things about this book.  BUT!! This is an adult (technically new adult) book.  There are graphic (as opposed to fade-to-black) sexual situations, violence, and language.  Everything fits in to the story and in my opinion they are not gratuitous, however I wouldn’t let my children read this until 14- 16 maybe more. I am a believer in self-censoring and these books while amazing, require it for the more sensitive reader.  If you are interested in the author and are looking for a more YA experience I would suggest the AMAZING Throne of Glass series (book 1-4), book 5 crosses into new adult territory again.


Have you read these books?  Did they keep you up at night as they did me?


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  1. Jami says:

    I love these books so much and agree 100% with your comments! Feyre and Rhys are some of my most favorite book characters ever! There is so much feeling, and emotion that your heart almost bursts, and you keep coming back for more. Plus, add all the fantasy elements! Its spectacular!


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