Media Monday- A Monster Calls (Mary)

This is a GREAT year for books being made into movies.

I guess what I mean is, lots of books are being made into movies this year. We’ll have to decide come December 2017 if that is a great thing. (Basically we are all just crossing our fingers that the directors of these movies have souls.)

I used to go to movies that were based on books before I read the book. It mostly turned out okay for me (The Princess Bride, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Lord of the Rings, The Help)

 And then Inkheart happened. Ah yes. The great Inkheart disaster of 2011.

I am not a big fan of Brenan Frasier. Let me rephrase. Almost everything about Brenan Frasier repulses me. I’m sure if I were to meet him, he would be a great guy and I would love to be his friend. But, I don’t particularly want to see his face and hear his voice when I am trying really hard to enjoy a book. To me- he is always just going to be that cave man that Samwise found in his backyard.


Yeah. Ew. You just can’t un-experience this.

After a few more horrible movie experiences like that (City of Ember, Percy Jackson, Eragon) I realized that if I am going to be able to enjoy great books, I am going to have to read them first.

So, last year, at Jessica’s suggestion actually, I read this great book called

“A Monster Calls” by Patrick Ness.

Buy this one.

This book is a little creepy, but ultimately beautiful. Thirteen year old Coner is dealing with some really complicated emotions. His mother’s cancer has come back and she is starting treatment again.  On top of that, Coner is seeing a monster outside of his window every night. Coner has to figure out what this monster wants from him and why it keeps coming back.


If you are going out to buy this book- before you do- OPEN IT UP! If there are not illustrations in it, don’t you dare buy it.  The illustrations make this book what it is. I found the new movie cover paperback at Walmart, illustration-less, and it broke my heart just a little bit.

Don’t buy this one.

Anywho- I have not seen the movie yet. Honestly, I didn’t realize it was out yet. It hasn’t gotten a whole lot of publicity around here. Or maybe I am just living in a cave. (That’s probably it.)

But, this preview is making me feel mostly good things about this movie.

I am a HUGE fan that the mom is played by Felicity Jones! I first saw her in my favorite version of North Anger Abbey.  I’ve been waiting for her to emerge from the 1800’s. I think she is incredible. Good job Hollywood.

I think I am going to have to kidnap Jessica this week to go see it.  (Holy cow! It’s already been out for a month and a half? How did I miss that?! Oh. Yeah.  I was watching that other Felicity Jones move- Rogue One.)

Have you seen it? What did you think?

Have you not seen it?! Good! Go read the book!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Aaron Ludwig says:

    I remember seeing the trailer once a while back… and then have heard NOTHING about it. Is the length of the book good for feature film adaptation? Or is it a little long or short for a movie?


    1. I don’t think they are going to have to add anything to make the story great. It takes place over a period of a month- and plenty happens to make a full length movie.
      Maybe if Jessica can’t go with me my hunny will take me?


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