The King Who Rained! (Mary)

Welcome to Throw Back Thursdays! On Thursdays we’re going to review books from our childhood, talk about some old classics, maybe throw in a picture or two of our more awkwarder stages….

Throw back Thursday is all about remembering what made us the readers we are today.

So for today’s TBT ……drum roll……

My introduction to homonyms!


Get it?! Cause it’s a king- who…REIGNED….RAINED…get it?….

See, there is this little girl who is just totally confused about all the phrases her parents use. There is a king who reigns, a dad with a mole on his nose, forks in the road, frogs in throats, blue prints, and a bunch of other funny stuff.

Our copy is down at my mom’s house, so I had to borrow these pictures from

I cannot tell you how many times we read this book as kids. At least a billion. And it was funny EVERY SINGLE TIME! Even the parts that were so outdated we couldn’t figure out what they could possibly have really meant.

It was published in 1970, written and illustrated by Fred Gwynne, who I just learned, literally 15 minutes ago, was some guy on the Munsters. That would probably be cooler to me if I had ever watched a single episode of the Munsters.


I have to admit though, some of the pictures did frighten me a little bit as a child. The fact that this guy illustrated it- makes sense.

I’ve tried getting the library to buy this, but apparently our suppliers don’t carry it.

Warning: library spiel coming up! Skip the next paragraph if you just don’t care at all. It won’t hurt my feelings.

* See, the thing about library books is that they have to be specially bound to withstand hundreds of readings, rather than the 1- 50 they normally would.  That’s why, if you lose a library book,  and you bring in one you bought on amazon to replace it, – we librarians just have to give you a piteous look, shake our heads sadly, and inform you that they are now the proud owner of the book they just bought. And they also still owe you about twice as much money as you think the book you lost is worth. Library bound books ain’t cheap.*

But, like all magical things, you can get your own copy on amazon!

Happy Thursday!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Aaron Ludwig says:

    Yay!!! I loved this book. I still remember hearing it in second grade. I had never heard the word “resigned” before.


    1. I was probably a teenager before I understood what that freaky bubble head was doing on the top of her dad’s drink.


    2. Aaron Ludwig says:

      I mean “reigned,” but “The King Who Resigned” would be an interesting book too.


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