Hunger Games Fan Art and Jokes (Jessica)

We are still new at this blogging thing but I had an idea for Media Mondays where we share our favorite medias related to the books we are reading and listening to.  I have been rereading (well listening) to the Hunger Games trilogy.  I love these books.  I imagine most have read it and if you hadn’t then a) Come On!! They are SO good!! b) There might be some spoilers ahead.  So anyway, I finished listening to Mockingjay today and let’s be honest it’s brutally honest and so very sad.  For me that’s one of the best parts of the series, the tragedies mean something; but others hate the conclusion for this reason.  As I was listening to sad then sadder to the saddest parts, I decided to browse Pinterest.  I adore Pinterest!  I love book art, tumblrs, and discussions.  I wanted to cheer myself up and share some of my favorite Hunger Games fan art and Jokes.

I absolutely NEVER want to be in the Hunger Games.


Spoilers!!  This combines one of my favorite games (Dumb Ways 2 Die) and the Hunger Games.


This is one of my favorites!! With this series, there’s so many “Team Peeta,” and “Team Gale,”  I am truly Team Katniss.  She doesn’t need a boy to save her.


I may have a girl-power obsession. The actress that plays Prim says it best.


Aww, Finnick’s my favorite “B” character.  He has some of the best tension cutting scenes and this scene from the movie completely passed me by.


Finally, yes I am married but this brought me back to my cynical single days; and maybe to the present where I want to sling my diet Dr. Pepper at amorous youths.  (Hasn’t happened, I swear!!)


Hunger Games is an amazing trilogy!  What’s even better is the community that has sprung up around the books and the movies.  Books are life!!  I love that there are others out there that think about stories and continue the characters. What are some of your favorite Hunger Games art or jokes?  Do you draw or write fan fiction?  We’d love to hear from you!





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