The Lunar Chronicles (Jessica’s Pick)

Hello All! For my first post I thought that I would review the first series that I read this year.  I had heard of the Lunar Chronicles a few years ago but I wasn’t tempted to read it yet.  I hate waiting for a series to finish! I suffer from a terminal case of literature impatience. ;P  Luckily I picked this series up again after it was completed, because it has been a great read.  I genuinely recommend this to everyone.


The Lunar Chronicles is a refreshing fairy tale reboot with clever sci-fi elements.  I give this series a solid 4 stars.  I will definitely reread but there isn’t a reason to send in a search team to “rescue” me from the world.  It has a pleasing story arc and satisfying conclusion.  If you’re a fan of coming-of-age girl power books with clever heroines who manage to be both strong and vulnerable; then I highly recommend this series.

The series centers on the conflict of Earth and the moon referred to as Luna.  Luna is biologically and technology superior to Earth.  This is possible due to a genetic difference that Lunars possess that allows them to manipulate the “bio-electricity” of the individuals around them, as well as an unscrupulous queen.  The queen of Luna, Levana, has been attempting a coup against Earth for decades and finally sees her chance as Earth is suffering from a devastating plague.  Here enters our main characters, Cinder and company.

This series combines old fairy tale tropes such as a deliciously evil and vain queen, a selfish evil step mother, magic (the aforementioned bio-electricity), and even a prince charming (you could argue there’s a few).  Yet, it also incorporates futuristic technology of space travel, cybernetics, and genetic manipulation.  Perhaps my favorite aspect is these heroines do not need a man to save them.  They are not wilting violets. They kick butt on their own, and the relationships feel much more genuine because of this.  I have to admit that I was skeptical but it all blends nearly seamlessly except for a few, easily ignored hiccups.  Despite the issues, I feel like the Lunar Chronicles is a worthy read full of adventure, bravery, and humor.

One important aspect of a book or series for me is if I can see growth of the main characters.  The characters start as naive, sometimes brash, sometimes shy and cowardly people that learn that there are situations that require bravery and sacrifice.  My favorite character was actually Scarlet (Little Red Riding Hood).  She starts as a desperate, jaded individual who grows into someone who sacrifices herself for love and the greater good.  I probably identified with each of the main characters in turn.  The growth that they experience has been my growth.  I have struggled with fulfilling my potential like Cinder, wished to be different like Iko, filled impossible shoes like Kai, learned to trust like Scarlet, learned that my choices matter more than my genetics like Wolf, reevaluated my rose-colored expectations like Cress, fell short of and then exceeded someone’s expectations like Thorne, and left my comfort zone like Winter. You truly feel like you are with these characters as they embark on the defining moments of their life.

The Lunar Chronicles is a fun, action-packed book series that offers highly entertaining fairy tale retellings.  “Watching” these characters grow and progress throughout the series was a pleasure.  The ending left me satisfied and resolved in these characters lives.  I recommend this series to anyone 12 on. There is some violence, some disturbing content that is inline with the classic fairy tales, and descriptions of blood and disease.  Very little language, and no sexual content other than some smooching.


Have you read these books?  Did you like them?  Anything that stuck out to you? Have you read the novella? These are the next on my Lunar Chronicle list. We’d love to hear from you!


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