Hey! Look! A Blog Post!

Welcome everybody! We made a blog!!

Let me tell you a little bit about how this blog came to be. It went like this.

About two years ago, my friend Jessica and I were chatting about books. We probably do this four days of the week. You see, Jessica and I met at the library I work at. Books are kind of our life.

So, we were discussing, and Jessica says “Hey, you know what? We should make a blog or something where we review books and have discussions and that kind of thing.”

So I said “Ok.”

And then we both had babies. Like, right then and there! It was CRAZY! Ok, it wasn’t right then and there. But we really did get pregnant within a month or two of each other. Our babies were born 22 days apart.

So, the blog idea went to a corner in the back of our minds. Not the same corner where we keep those outlandish ideas like “clean the house” or “learn how to sew”. But, close to that corner.

But, our babies turned a year last month! And we have mostly gotten to the point where we might be able to survive the new normal.

So, this week Jessica said it again. “Mary! We should start that blog we talked about forever ago.”

And I said “Ok!”

And then I went on vacation somewhere warm and sunny, and suddenly everything seemed possible. (Everything seems possible when you haven’t had to wipe someone’s bum in a few days.)

So, here we are. BLOG UP!


In our next post we’ll talk a little bit about ourselves, and what we plan to do with this beautiful space on the internet that we can call our own.

It’s going to be life altering, so you for sure don’t want to miss it! (WINK!)







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